Company FAQs

Q: How soon will I start seeing results from using Dermalogica products?

A: Some people see results the first time they use the products, and everyone tells us that their skin feels different straight away. The skin feels, clean, smooth, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that’s visibly noticeable.

If the skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin aging, acne or hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will continue to improve as you follow the advice of your professional skin therapist.


Q: What are the long-term benefits of using Dermalogica products?

A: You will have a healthy skin. Dermalogica uses ingredients designed to help keep skin at an optimal level of fitness – a benefit of healthy skin is skin that looks its best!

In addition, when skin is at an optimal level of fitness, your professional skin therapist can more effectively address issues that may arise from time to time, as your skin’s needs are constantly changing.


Q: Why do I need a professional skin therapist?

A: For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary: for better health!

Your skin needs personal attention from a professional – and that professional is a Dermalogica professional skin therapist.

At Dermalogica, we train more than 75,000 professional skin therapists a year. Dermalogica professional skin therapists are licensed, intensely educated skin health experts trained to prescribe Dermalogica products and deliver Dermalogica professional skin treatments. They know how to deliver real, visible results and they have a real passion for taking care of your skin.

Your best-looking skin starts with healthy skin, and healthy skin starts with a Dermalogica professional skin therapist. Start living your healthiest skin!


Q: I have just heard of Dermalogica -- how long have you been around?

A: Dermalogica’s story starts in 1983, when skin therapist Jane Wurwand founded The International Dermal Institute, a postgraduate training and research facility designed to bring a new era of professionalism and results to an industry that had become obsessed with pampering, shallow beauty and miracle claims. The International Dermal Institute now has over 50 locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and trains over 75,000 skin therapists every year. IDI also continues to serve as the research arm of Dermalogica, and is a critical component of our product development, product testing and education curriculum.

Jane then founded Dermalogica in 1986 to bring a new generation of skin therapists the type of results-oriented, no-nonsense products that their clients demanded. From day one, our formulas raised eyebrows in the industry – not only for the cutting-edge ingredients we used, but also for common ones we omitted. To this day, Dermalogica products shun the industry norm of using cheap chemicals like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, S.D. Alcohol, artificial fragrances and colors – and our packaging has remained simple and sustainable.


Q: Your cleansers are "soap-free." Why, and how can a cleanser be "soap-free?"

A: Soaps are made from fats and oils that react with lye (sodium hydroxide) to create an alkaline stripping action on the skin, resulting in an upset of the skin’s pH balance. Solid fats such as coconut oil, palm oil, tallow (rendered beef fat), or lard (rendered pork fat), are used to form bars of soap that stay hard.

All of our Cleansers are soap-free and acid-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Dermalogica Cleansers are free of the types of fats and oils listed above, and contain no animal products. Our cleansers are also free of artificial colors and fragrances. Any scent that comes from our cleansers comes from natural essential oils and extracts that benefit skin health.


Q: Where are Dermalogica products made?

A: We are proud to make all our products in Southern California: Having our manufacturing facilities so close to our headquarters allows us to maintain a superior quality standard and level of oversight, and also support the local economy. We ship from Southern California to over 50 countries around the world.


Q: Does Dermalogica test on animals?

A: We have never, and will never, conduct animal testing.


Q: Is Dermalogica privately owned?

A: Yes, Dermalogica is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Carson, California and offices in 48 countries around the world. Our freedom from parent companies and investors has allowed us to stay true to our mission of skin fitness, and operate in a way that fosters entrepreneurship, creativity and passion in delivering our professional skin therapists and their clients the products, education and tools to deliver their healthiest skin ever.


Q: Why should I only buy Dermalogica products from an authorized skin treatment center, salon or spa?

A: Dermalogica products are designed to be most efficacious when prescribed by a Dermalogica professional skin therapist. Without the assistance of a Dermalogica professional skin therapist, you may select the wrong products for your skin, and fail to reach your desired skin health results.

Dermalogica stands behind the efficacy of every product we sell, if you have purchased it from an authorized location. Unauthorized locations, including many internet selling sites, may sell counterfeit and outdated products, and should be avoided as we do not guarantee their authenticity.


Q: How can I become an authorized Dermalogica account?

A: Certified professionals interested in more information about carrying the Dermalogica skin care system should fill out the open an account form.